MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Rhea Medium Leather Backpack is on sale now

is another great backpack that is on semi annual sale now.
I am considering if to buy it or not. If so I will do unboxing on here and my youtube channel.

I really like the color-pale blue and that it has silver buckles and zippers.
Lets see what reviews says.

  • I had this bag in another color and loved it so much I had to purchase a second one. I get soooo many compliments. It is absolutely adorable, so high quality and perfect for everyday use.

  • My grandfather bought me this bag in the blue color and at first I was hesitant to get it because i thought it would be super blue and unfitting for most outfits I have but I got it and fell in love instantly! There’s so many pockets and storage to keep small and big things inside the bag. I was shocked that I loved it as much as I did but I definitely don’t regret it! It was a great choice! I wore it today just going to the mall because Its so cute and I can’t help but to just bring it everywhere I go. I’ll be using this for a long time!

  • It looks perfect in me. I love it so much. Its not too big and not too small

  • Absolutely stunning! Love love love it! I bought this for my birthday in June and I’ve received several compliments from random people, wow very happy with my purchase. I also purchased the matching wallet.

  • The Rhea is a classic. It has so many generous compartments for a person on the go. I have 8 of these black, blue, brown, gold, silver, taupe, black and brown paisley design. Now I have my eye on the pale blue and looking for white one, but they don't carry it. This bag lasts for a lifetime. The leather is so soft!!! You will not be disappointed.

  • This backpack is very nice in leather quality and size. The thing I didn't like about it is the way the straps are attached. They make the backpack hang away from your body more than it should. I returned it for this reason.

  • This is my second MK backpack, now I bougth the pink one, and is a brilliant hot-pink just like the wallet. The size of the backpack is not too small, just the right size to carry the essentials things, without wearing a huge backpack, this is more like a handbag with the design of a backpack to me. I like to use it when I go out with my daughters and if I have to wear something sport or informal, without forget the elegant touch of Michael Kors! you cannot be wrong with this beautiful and unique MK backpack 

  • I bought this bag at the beginning of the month and have been using it everyday. The main compartment is very spacious and has useful pockets to help keep things organized. The second zipper doesn’t fit as much it’s more for flatter things such as books or planners. The tiny zipper can’t really fit much. I like to use that for chapstick, pens and my lens cleaning cloth. Overall it’s a great quality backpack if you’re someone like me who needs to be hands free all the time instead of carrying a large heavy bag that falls of the shoulder. This bag feels sturdy and has great quality and a simple design that looks elegant.

  • This bag is everywhere you’d want in a backpack purse. It’s sturdy, but the leather is soft. The pockets are amazing. I love all the details. I might buy another color for fall.

  • the best one of all the mk backpack, classic, elegant, light weight.... It's a fashion backpack for all the ages. My mother also like it very much. recommend for everyone.
  • Super functional backpack that holds a lot super soft leather and highly recommend. I get a lot of compliments on it

  • I am a Michael Kors fanatic, and my primary loves are the handbags. My son gave me my first Rhea bag a few years ago. It is pale blue, and since it could not be found anywhere here in Colorado, he had Nordstrom’s order it for me. I love it. Since then, he has given me two more - a black Rhea and a pale blue Bedford leather flap bag. Today, he bought the ultra pink Rhea for me for Mother’s Day. I absolutely adore Michael Kors bags, and I absolutely, positively love my wonderful, generous son.
  • Yet another beautifully designed backpack by MK. I’ve collected a few MK backpacks over the years and love them all. Bought this one in Black with silver accents. Love the soft leather. This is a great backpack, fits all the must haves with room to spare. Perfect size. Just wish the straps were longer.
  • I have this backpack in black and haven’t used my regular purses since I bought it. I wanted one for the summer and this color is beautiful. It is well organized and I can put a lot in it without hurting my back.