New Macbook air M1, New Macbook Pro M1, New Mac Mini M1


Hello friends.

Did you see guys new releases from apple lately?

They released new Macbook air with M1 chip

It's already on the sites to purchase:

apple site

amazon site

They also just have released new Macbook Pro 13 inch with M1 chip which you can buy here:

And they also lounched new mac mini that is now with new M1 apple silicon cheap

Which device would you get guys?
I would love to have new macbook pro but its more expensive then mac mini- which is only or as much as 699$.
But mac mini is not the same as laptop- it's more like desktop and to fully experience that apple quality you have to pair it with a good monitor - that will be 4k or hmm maybe hd?
I not sure yet what to do, but I am tempted by that mac mini.

In the spring this year I got macbook air 2020 so now I regret that I got it, as if I had waited little longer I could get better macbook air.

I could sell it too but then I dont know if somone will buy it now, as most ppl will want to have laptop with M1 chip I believe.
Mac mini could be better for working at home and would be great for editing like vlogs and youtube videos.
If you not have apple monitor you will have to get some other brand.
Then also you will need un adapter for it.
I have old type monitor that still use VGA port
and here I would get this dongle :
Then I was thinking how to transfer pictures and videos to that mac mini- does it has sd card slot?
And the answer is no- so then you need another adapter usb to sd card, or usb-c to sd card.
Then when you want to have better quality sound from it how you connect audio? 
It has headphones output so maybe to this one some adapter?
So many questions yet to be answered.
Will you get any of those or just wait another year for better and newer apple products?
Let me know in the comments.