Digestive Issues Story and thats not only mine as his too.

Hello friends.
So I will tell you that I also had severe digestive issues like the youtuber below.
 It started in 2010 few months after the colloidal silver suplement - that supplement I took for the cold or flu. And it was claiming it kills many kinds of bad bacteria but  not kill good bacteria in guts. 
So after 3 months from that I started to burp a lot during the day and when I was trying to lay down and sleep. Then was feeling like food going little up in stomach or that my stomach is opening and gas was going into it and then I had troubles breathing when laying as it was blocking normal breathing - muscles have to have space in belly to breath and when stomach fill out with air then its hard. 
So then it was everyday burping bad sleeping and also reflux but non acidic as I saw that i had not much enzymes and not much acid to digest food, when I ate bigger dinner then after few hours it was still stuck in stomach and not going down- then I had to vomit it. I lost some weight and started have problems like hair loss and also teeth weakened. 
Then I started reading forums as doctor only prescribed acid blocker ppi which was making things worse so I started reading forums and internet and found out that is such problem like sibo and when is bad flora can happen problems, so then started to take probiotics some in pills and started chewing sour kraut and pickled cucumbers that are made on water to get probiotics, it took me few years to get digestion to proper funktion again. 
Like around 5 years. I also prayed a prayer to heal that stomach - 54 days novenna on beads. I also had endoscopy done and they found duodenum inflammed and stomach was fine, then after 5 years i did again and it was not inflammed anymore.
Moral of the story is to avoid strong antybiotics and coloidal silver suplementation which might of killed all good bacterias along with bad ones and then I had that sibo.
How to fix it is not so easy but priobiotics probiotics, good diet- I was eating most things cooked as raw food was not digesting at all.
And I recommend prayer too- I was praying with the prayer called:
54 days novenna to Queen of Holy Rosary of Pompeii on beads.
I also dicovered by trials and errors that taking vitamin C and chewing it in the mouth helps produce more syliva and that also burping was decreasing.
Then some  naturapatist named Jerzy Zieba also recommened in his streams that taking vitamin C is helping on that problem. 
I not take it regulary as I not like sour and now not have purping problem anymore. 
I take probiotics from dollar store curently. 
I not sure if yoghurts has probiotics as when I was sick and taking yoghurts they were not helping me at all.
I hope you like such random story and not related to a fashion.