Hello friends.

Spring continues here on the Boston burbs area so I am enjoy my everyday walks thoughout the nature around.

I like walking as it is some activity to keep fit and I like to wear sporty outfits for my walks when its possible.

Today I wearing seamless leggings that are super comfy - even more then spanx leggings as they are more elasticy and not dig in to the belly when sitting.

The only downside is sometiems they easier to have small rip like a cought on the branch and then a stich stick out.

I like also those sneakers as they comfy, but they were too narrow for me and I had to make cuts in them with scissors to make them comfortable on the longer walk then 40 min. 

I wearing also glasses from eyebuydirect and this are my favourite frame, but I got a few and will show you in the future different ones.

I am wearing:

Hoodie, Leggings, hat/Victorias secret Pink

Sneakers/Adidas ultraboost

Backpack/Fjallraven kanken and here


And here is vlog from my walk, hope you enjoy :)