PRAYERS WORKS, HEALINGS HAPPENS-54 days novenna to Queen of Holy Rosary of Pompeii for my brother in law.

 It was very nice in the woods, I love fresh air and singing birds.I am going out to woods to find calm atmosphere to pray. I was praying the prayer on beads which you can see on pictures too on previous blog posts. If you are wondering why I do and what exacly I pray then I tell you.

The prayer is called 54 days Novenna to Queen of Holy Rosary of Pompeii. Intention I pray is for my brother in law's health- healing from cancer and that he gain strength. Today I got info from my sister that her hubby is feeling better. What illness he has?

So since last year he had pains in his colon and he went to the doctor and made colonoscopy and they said its cancer tumor in colon.
This year they cut it out with most of his colon and placed bag-stoma bag.
And he was still having pains after surgery and then during some scans they said he also have something on his liver and they said it is cancer although they not did any biopsy- they just asume that its cancer spread and that he will need chemo for that.
It was few months now since the January and they were still not giving chemo, as he still had pain and it was the Virus in the hospital and that also affected the treating of cancer patients.
And so I prayed 2 novennas for him (one after another one then I did a break) and then he was given chemo in a pill form about 2 weeks ago.
But about week after taking it he started to have bad side effects of it- weakness, troubles breathing, hair loss, bad or no apetite, nursea. They decided to stop chemo as it was too strong. I was worried about him so I decided to pray 3rd Novenna for his healing.
Three days ago he was still weak, not able to walk even thugh his flat. Two days ago was still weak but ate small amount of food and rested. He said he noticed that his liver not anymore stick out under rip, as up to that point it was enlarged and swollen.
Today sister told me that he had a dream and some voice told him to stand up and go out. And so when sister was preparing breakfast and telling him she will go to the store he told her he will go with her. She was little afraid to agree on that because she was not sure if he has strength to go out, but he reasured her that he has.
So they went out together. She was very astounded as day before and others he was very weak and not even walking much at flat.
And next day he is saying he got strength and he showed her that, they did that arm wrestling thing.
They went on the walk together to the store and to his friend that living is few km away. I use km as they live in Europe.
So his friend was amazed as how he did much better then days before when he visited him. 
My sister told me that story today and she is saying that prayers works and that God healed him and he heard some voice to stand up  and go out. He also said, that before that illness and even up to some point he was not believing in that stuff, but now when he is sick he does. Especially after his dream and the voice form above. 
Below are pictures of them. On that walk they even went to store to shoes shopping.
God is good :)