SIGMA 35 mm F 1.4 art samples on CANON 6d mark II, HOW I TAKE PICTURES TO ...

Hello friends.
So today I filmed and showing you how I am taking pictures to my blog and my updated equipment you can also find down below with the links.
I also have other DSLR which is Canon SL2 and I also use remote and lenses.
My favorite lens for that camera is Sigma 30 mm 1.4 as it is lens for a crop sensor.
I also have few other lenses that I take pictures with.
Another one that I like is canon 85 mm 1.8 lens which can be used on both crop sensor and full frame camera.

Lately I also got tripod from joby which will be usefull for sure in my future blog posts.
I got it here on sale:
I already tried it out and I can say its great tool for your camera, its very sturdy, made with good quality materials and so easy to use.
When it comes to the process of taking pictures I would prefer someone else take pictures for me as then it goes faster and easier but my boyfriend only sometimes do when he is around, and I am not always with him on the location to my pictures.
I use this remote:

So here is the  video and links.
SIGMA 35 mm 1 4 art samples on CANON 6d mark II, HOW I TAKE PICTURES TO BLOG
this might be international versions but with more accessories: 

Do you like to take pictures, do you have a blog? If so, do you have a person that helps you with taking photos?

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