Fashion changing each season and things are in style that were when I was a kid. In 90s were popular slouchy socks. I got one or 2 in pink and gray. I was so happy. They were also leggings in style but more like cotton ones. I got ones in black - capri and then longer ones in some colorful print. Another pair I had was lime green that I got in Sweden on vacations. Then I come back to Poland and they were maybe not that popular but I still worn them. Leggings were stylish for few seasons and then not anymore. Now I am adult and missed that style and it had come back. But not leggings are from lycra or polyester - they are more used to workout. I miss the ones that were from cotton but still there are those but not in prints like in 90s.

I got many pairs of leggings from Victorias Secret and VS Pink. This ones are from VS and they are more for workout then general use but now everybody wear them also in the day.

I like the print. I got slouchy socks too. This style reminds me of my childhood's time 90's fashion. I miss that times.

So now I can wear style that is close to me.

Current sneakers I have on are not like in the past but still like them as they have pink colors and they are comfortable. 

I like my bag too which is a 


get it here:

I am wearing:


Leggings & Hoodie/VS Pink

Slouchy socks/Amazon & Walmart

Sneakers/Adidas ultraboost

Speedy Bandouliere 30 My LV World Tour/Walmart

Camera Backpack/ Lower Pro BP150

And here is the camera backpack that I use for my camera, lenses and tripod.
Its so nice and sturdy, has many compartments that can be adjusted to your lenses.
And on top has also zippered compartment for some items.
Besides this it has aditional compartment were can go tablet and other stuff, and in front that small zippered compartment can fit other small things like pens, keys and on the side it has straps for tripod and 2 pockets for waterbottle or umbrella.

And here is vlog from that day- I am testing my camera and lens for vlogging or in general-video test it.