This session was made at Wollaston beach. Weather was warmer this time -near middle 80s F. I love beach and I will tell you one thing. Dreams does come true.

As I was kid I was living in the city Cracow since I was born and when summer was rolling in I was always dreaming about sandy beaches and sea or ocean waters. I was missing that thing to be on the beach or near, feel the wind, and walk on the sand in the sandals or bare feet. I comes to the point that when I saw somewhere sand on the pavement I was always thinking about the beach and nice feeling was coming to my mind. Maybe I was living in some beach area in my past lives and maybe warmer climate then Poland? I think so.

But whole life I was living in the area where the access to the beach is not existent unless you travel 800km. Then I did travel little bit to the north -with my mother and sister to Sweden and it was nice traveling by the ferry. Although didn't experience much of the beach on those vacations but get some sea vibes from there too as on the ferry was always sea breeze that makes you tan faster, and you feel that moister in the air. Your hair go all over the places. Sunrises and sunset are beautiful. But still I was not fully happy or satisfied with beach experience yet. My first holiday in life when I did experience vacations on the beach was in 2006 when I traveled with my sister to Mielno in Poland. There were really nice sandy beaches and we got lucky with the weather as it was heat wave. We were living in the tent and I will always remember those holidays.

Then I forgot about sandy beaches, as didn't had opportunity anymore to be near them as I not like to travel alone to some place... Oh actually there was more sandy beaches- one more vacations with my sister- we did in Italy -we traveled from her home in Austria to Italy by train to Venice and there we went to Lido Island. It was sandy beach there too, but it was September and it was not that warm anymore.

Next sandy beaches in my life had come when I moved to my boyfriend here near Boston area.

We live in suburbs of Boston, so now my dream to live near beach had come true. I am still not as often at the beach as I would wish to be, but it's better to be few times, then not at all.

I still discover areas I live and I not live super close to beach, but its close by car.

So I can tell that dreams come true, maybe not right away, but what you are dreaming about, will come to your life -sooner or later. Sometimes it comes unexpected.

I am wearing:


Shorts/VS PINK


Backpack/Fjallraven kanken and here

Pictures taken with:
Canon SL2/here
Tamron 18-200 mm/here

Here are pictures taken on rocky part of the Wollaston beach but that beach has also sandy part:)