Do Past Lives exist?

When it comes to past lives I had some glimpses in dreams when I was a kid.
I had a dream that I running on the yard with some other kids and I had a feeling in that dream and after I woke up that it was scene from my other life.
Then I also had dream that few old objects that we had in our flat that they were from my different life and also had a feeling where exactly I was living in my town. It was building near church on some street in Cracow. 
I also had often one nightmare that I go in one deserted area where are some hills and meadows and there is small lake-pond with the wooden bridge on it. In some dreams I walk on it, it shakes from the water and I am scared. I had that dream many times and that water was dirty there and that I am afraid that I will fall into it.
And in that dreams I knew the way to that place but in real life I not know such place.
In the next- future blog posts I will tell You another story that make me think that past lives exist.
And what do you think?
Do you remember your past life? Any glimpses or maybe dreams?
Here is the video about some kids that had memories from past lives.