Today I went for a walk with my bf to the nice place -Haughton's Pond Recreation Area where is nice lake and woods around. In summer we go there swimming in lake from time to time and walk too. There are picnic tables around for picnic and grill.

I like such places to have so calm and relaxed time.

I appreciate it now that I live not too far away from such nice places as in my childhood and up till 36 years old I was living in the city of Krakow in Poland and there was not many lakes at all to swim and not many places to have grill and walk in woods and swim too. 

I think I only can count one lake that was without woods around. 

Thats why I am happy I moved few years go to the MA in Usa as here is more nature and more parks around and I love that!

I wearing spring outfit which is great for 50s F temperatures.

I love this adidas ultraboosts as I think they are the most comfy sneakers I own.

I also love my Columbia Lake 22 down as its light weight and comfy -protects me against cool and wind.

So I am wearing:

So here is what I wearing:


Hoodie/VS Pink


Pictures taken with:

Backpack/VS Pink here here here