Today was such a nice day out and I love doing pictures.

Here I am using my old and worse camera then my better one.

The camera I am using here is Canon SL2 and the lens is Tamron 18-200mm.

It was not that expensive and I enjoy vlogging with that lens too as it gives me versality of focal length and if I want to see details I can zoom in and not have to change lens.


                        So I am wearing:

Hoodie/VS PINK


Slouchy socks/Walmart-Link

Joggers/VS PINK

Backpack/VS PINK similar 

I like this sweatpants that I am wearing here- they are super comfy better then tight jeans that always slides down!!!
The sneakers are also very comfy but they get dirty easily and that is main con of them- maybe they could be washed in the washing maschine but I afraid I will break them?

I want to keep this vlog and doing it till i am really old woman. I want to document all my life.
Then when I will be really old I will have memories from my younger self.
I will come back to memories of my life....
I hope I will be still motivated and that that company here will keep that vlog of mine.
And that I will be living so long and that my camera will be still working hehe.
And that I will be still interested in fashion...
And that I will be able to do pictures...