Near this year I decided to buy less and pay off my depth as I have some credit cards and that dept there is good to pay off and have fresh start. 
I will try to pay them off within 5 months or so and to do it I created some plans how to do it.
 I write list of which credit cards I have and amount I owe. I created plan for each moth to pay off some amounts and then I can see when it will be payed off. 
I also decided to not buy anything with this card anymore at all.
Cards are little bit a money trap- you spent money from there thinking it's not yours money and that You will pay it off easy in near future with small payments. But then that small payments not pay if off and interests grow and then turn out we owe much more money.
And the ads coming wooing us with new promothins and sales.
I decided to not even open them and delete or unsubscribe.
I also have some other goal for this or next year.
That goal was in my life but I was not sure if I need it.
But I think I need it.
It is the goal of owning a car.
I will need it go get to my work as the transportation to work can be done only with car or uber.
Uber rides are not that cheap back and forth It would take half of my earning of the week. Thats why I need to get a car in near future.
What cars I like?
I like white cars either similar to toyota camry or maybe even bigger -SUVs.
What brand of cars do you guys recommend?
I heard that Toyota is good and not breaks often.
Which brands and makes do you guys have.
I would buy used car and not too old maybe 2015-2017.

It would be nice going to work with my own car.
I could even get some additional work with that car maybe as delivery driver hehehe.
Then I could pay off my credit cards faster and start saving for bigger goals!!!

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