Tv shows: My favourite cancelled tv show- Men In Trees

This is one of my shows that I really like to watch. I know it's not any new show, and it was cancelled by Abc television, but I really like it. I watched it several times back in 2008 and lately again rewatch it.Anne Heche and James Tupper are adorable. What brings me to this show is music, climate, Anne that is so funny and pretty in this role, funny dialogues, love story which I adore, and James. This show give some hope to single women who not have found a man for whole life yet and then after watching such show they might give it a try and start looking for Mister Right. What  really nice to watch is the chemistry between Anne and James, omg it's so visible and they got together in real life too, now they have  kid. They are such a cute couple that I had to downloaded some pictures of them to my hard drive. I want to attract such love into my life too :)

                                            Anne Heche and James Tupper in real life

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