In Style: The North Face Metropolis Parka

The North Face Metropolis Parka is very popular lately also amongs celebrities.

What Others Are Saying – Does The North Face Metropolis Parka Really Work?

Much has been said about the warmth that the North Face Metropolis Parka provides. It sure does look like it; it feels even more like it, too. Aside from the toasty feeling provided by the 600 fill down insulation, one user pointed out that “even the cut of the sleeves keeps warmth inside the arms. They are tapered enough that the likelihood of cold air flowing up through the sleeves is unlikely. Plus, since it is not bulky, layering underneath is entirely possible.”
Versatility would be the best compliment one could give this parka. Another review lauds it as “the must-have parka, since it is perfect for just about anywhere and in any terrain. The removable hood and the chinguard to prevent chafing when zipped all the way up make it ideal for just about any weather.” Style is not at all compromised, either. “It can rise to the occasion, whatever it happens to be: business or casual, or a special function, this will do very nicely.”