What's in style winter 2012/2013 season

This winter season (2012/2013) in style still are ugg type boots, not only by Ugg Australia but also other brands like Emu, Warmbat, Love from Australia. Next think in style are skinny jeans, they are very popular now and very rarely we wear loose jeans now. 
The next must have is bubble coat, parka with hood or not, and filled with down instide keeps you very warm. Many brands produce them now. I like parkas from The North Face, Nike, Adidas, Only, Terranova, New Yorker, Monarri, Abercrombie & Finch and others.
Next must have is : big bag leather made.
Sunglasses are  next most likeble accesories added to our outfit.
Many ppl nowadays prefer more casual style and instead of jeans they wear sweat pants, or leggins.

The North Face Parka

Bubble coat and uggs

Big Bag is a MUST HAVE :)