03,-20-2014 Casual day, sales

Today I had some errands in some office so I went out in the morning. My outfit had to be casual.
                              coat- terranova
                             pants- nike
                                hoodie- amisu
                               boots- khrio
                               t-shirt-  h&m

 After my errands I had to step into my favourite mall and check if there are some sales. 
To my surprise turned out that they are. This is what I picked up:

Zara dress for 13$ 

          another zara dress for 13$ on sale

Zara jeans - 13$ on sale

fishbone  t-shirt      7$

amisu jeans -13$ on sale


  1. You look good in your casual outfit and I like the new pink pants so much, because I can't get enough from pink :)

    Thanks for your comment - I like your blog and follow you now!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena



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