My new camera to blogging -Canon Rebel T4i (Canon EOS 650D) -samples photos

I decided to buy new photo camera, that will allow me to take more profesionals pictures and also will allow me to film some videos in hd image quality. At first I didn't know what model to buy. So I did my research on youtube. Many bloggers recommend Canon Cameras and Dslr especially and model Canon Rebel T3i( Canon EOS 600D) or newer version Canon Rebel T4i ( Canon EOS 650D).

I firstly purchased Canon T3i, then I found out that T4i has touch screen so I bought it too, and T3i will sell soon. They both has flip out screen. T4i has continues autofocus in Video mode, which T3i doesn't have.
Here are samples photos that I made lately with kit lens 18-55 mm and then with Canon 50 mm 1,8 lens.

Canon Rebel T4i  filters :

                                                                    soft effect

                                                              toy camera effect

                                                                 minature effect

                                                             Portret mode

Sample photos with Canon 50 mm 1,8 II lens:


    sometimes had problems with focusing especially on moving subject like cat ;P