Forever21 Extra 50% Sales -Limited time

Lately my favourite hobby is to watch youtube videos of my subscribers, and many of them live in the United States and do look book vidoes or collective shopping hauls. And one of popular brand that they shop in is Forever21, so i check on the internet and they sell online almoust wordwide and I look thrugh stuff they had and I saw Sale section. So clicked there and they currently offer still many cute things and turn out that from the presented price is even 50 % more off, so its even cheaper then I expected. Shipping is free if u purchase above 50$ or its not so expensive as only 6 Euro in Europe.

Yesterday I did purchased 20 things for 50 Euro so its a good deal I think.
And you can check it  here .

                                                         Price: 2 Euro
                                                                Price: 3 Euro

 Price: 5 Euro

                                                                 Price: 4 Euro


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