Because winter is coming, I am searching my perfect coat that will be elegant and yet comfortable and still not to heavy. I love grey coats so I would like one in that colour but can be also other color like black or creamy. I like coat to be not too loose and not too tight. It can be with zipper hidden inside, have to have pockets. Could be with a hood as it will be then warmer, and has to be high on neck- not with big cleavage cause I would freeze out- even with scarf!!! 
It has to be made with a thicker material.

 Here are some ideas of my perfect coats that I have found in C&A online store.
Which one do you like?
What is your perfect coat and where u buy it?

1  C&A

2. C&A

3. C&A

4. C&A

5. C&A

6. C&A

7. C&A

8. C&A

9. Forever21

11. Zara

12.  Bershka


  1. Dear Meg, you found really beautiful coats in the C&A store :) As I'm also looking constantly for the perfect coat I have to admit that I buy not only sometimes coat but often from C&A as I like the quality and the prices there.

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  2. I love this grey coat. Looks so stylish.

    I hope you will visit my blog

    and maybe follow if U like.


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