Today I will focus on men clothing outfit ideas for a change. 
It is 'party season' aproaching us so fast, so it's about time to think more deeply what to wear for special occasions and be prepered when time will come to be sharped dressed man.
'Sharp dressed' doesn't mean it has to be black suit with white shirt as that classic outfit is reminding me more stracture, scheme, and work uniform.
Because of the festive season, it is a great oportunity to combine the sharp look with casual and more comfortable style.

Let's start with the dress shirt. 
They comes now in a veriety of colors and prints.
The big trend this winter 2014 season is the checked print for sure. Another trend is to mix two different patterns together like checked shirt with a tie that has another print on it especially with some christmas theme on it. 
It will give your outfit instead of formal more festive and fun look. 
The colors that rules during that season are for sure red, and green mixed together or red with navy blue.
It is important to note that if you want to get the monochromatic look then it is always best if your outfit is made up of varying textures rather than adding multiple items of the same texture.

To match shirt we need to pick the trausers. 
Loose trausers aren't in style anymore so slim slacks are the way to go.
When a man want to look more formal then a suit is the best option. This part of a wardrobe is now even more festive as it is made from high quality striped or checked material. The secret to big success is to mix the textures of the individual pieces, this will enable you to create a defined look which will flatter your figure instead of drowning it.
Striped suit pair with slim fit check printed shirt and the tie with flower printed detailing on it like on the pictures below. Add a splash of colour not only with a tie but with a vibrant pocket square too. It looks very elegant and sleek. Every man in such outfit will deffienetly stand out in the crowd!!

Another suggestion:
wear a check printed nice fitted shirt under purple velvet-like material suit and accessorise with either a paterns printed skinny knitted tie or velvet bow tie.
A super slick multi-textured look is perfect for the party season.

A suit doesn’t need to be worn for every occasion.
Pair the blazer with dress pants and a checked shirt for the great off-duty look that's ideal for a family dinner or night out with friends.

We can now add more accesories to our outfit. We will need a scarf, shoes and the outwear.
Printed jacket is a great option for a plain color blazer. 
The key technique is to break up the textures with solid items. We all know that checks and striped is an unrivalled match. 
The key to making this look really work is to add a minimalistic solid piece, such as a simple plain sweater, between the two textured items.

And lets talk about shoes. A great choice will be brogue boot that you can turn up in your suit trousers and show off the detail in the boot too. 
Brogue boots are stylish and dapper, can be worn with skinny jean or smart suit. They look amazing and stylish. 
You can't go with wrong with black, burgundy or brown color. They can easily be combine with anyting you wear, and is good to wear with them contrasting socks. 
For a winter season cute socks are a must have and they can have some christmas theme on it, or some other pattern and adds finishing touch to your festive look. 
Don't forget to polish your leather shoes and keep them looking in tip top condition then they will last many seasons.

That would be it for today's post.
Every pieces of clothes and accessories that are shown in this post come from Paul Fredrick collection and can be bought ‘HERE’.


  1. Those garment are very manly and i love the flower prints socks

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  2. Nice shoes. xx

  3. Wow, der Meg, I must really show your post to my husband! I can imagine he would like this inspiration :) Wish you a happy rest of the week!

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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