Sephora Color Festival Palette unboxing

Yestereday received my order from Sephora in which i ordered Sehpora Color Festival Palete and want to show my unboxing video.

What it is: 
A festive, dazzling makeup palette with 130 colors for the eyes, lips, and cheeks. 

What it does: 
This incredible palette features a staggering array of 130 rich colors for any occasion. The innovative new design is organized by tray and color intensity to make it easy to find the perfect shade. An ideal gift for the holidays, this palette also features six tutorials for professional application: Perfectly blended eye looks, how to apply cream liner, how to define eyes, how to apply blush for your face shape, how to get perfect lips, and "tips and tricks". The innovative design features two mirrors and four separate lip and cheek stains—the first time these have been featured in a Sephora palette. 

This Set Contains: 
- 72 x 0.014 oz Eye shadow 
- 28 x 0.014 oz Lipgloss 
- 8 x 0.077 oz Blush 
- 18 x 0.014 oz Cream eyeliners 
- 4 x 0.018 oz Two-in-one creams for cheeks and Lips 
- 2 x Mirrors 
- 6 x Makeup tutorials


  1. Wow, this palette seems to be simple perfect for the upcoming holidays! Love how much is included :) Wish you many fun with your new treasure and a happy Christmas week <3

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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