Christmas and party season so close to us so it is nice time to give gift to others or maybe also to ourselves. There are many nice sets in sephora or other drugstore with nice cosmetics in good price. Some of them are limited addition and that is good time to buy it.

Here is what I bought for myself and what I like in Sephora that can happen to be a great gift.

This gift can be so cute and really convinient for someone :

4 Eye look books by Sephora
A unique set of 4 pallets, each of which contains 5 eyeshadow, 1 mirror and 1 tutorial for countless versions of makeup.

And when you open a book to your surprise you will see:

Volume 1: The Smoky Eye Look 
Composition 5 smoky shades of modern gray to deep black, with white ice to get the ultra-glamorous look Smoky.

Volume 2: Nude Eye Look 
5 Composition of natural shades of iridescent champagne beige, the intense shade of cocoa until hot browns to get a compelling look Nude.

Volume 3: Party Eye Look (4)
5 Composition of pulsating colors from deep purple, frosted pink and metallic gray to get party-style look.

Volume 4: Metallic Eye Look (4)
5 shades of metallic composition, from the noble gold through gold khaki, to deep copper color to get a luxury look.

(1) 4 eyeshadow palette
(2) Volume 1: Makeup Smokey
(3) Volume 2: Natural Makeup
(4) Volume 3: Make-up style party
(5) Volume 4: Make-metallic
Price around 40$

Another great idea is to buy this cute Makeup Palette Party Box by Sephora

Complete palette makeup eye-of-mouth-cheeks, with colors inspired by the most fashionable events from around the world:
Clubbing in London
Berlin Underground
Las Vegas Show
New Year's in Cancun
Ibiza Fever
New York Rooftop

Why do we love it?
Practical palette, which travel across the latest trends in color from around the world.

 Make-up palette in the style of the party.
The palette contains:
- 36 eyeshadows from natural shades to color.
- 12 glosses mouth.
- 6 pinks for cheeks.
Price near 33$

Anoter great product is nice pallete that u can give someone or buy for yourself  Full Exposure
Eye shadow palette by Smashbox

Universal neutral color palette of 14 shades of "must have", from flesh-by illuminating the black, long-lasting and gentle as silk matt.
Smashbox brand has identified 6 different eye shapes and each of them has created a performance makeup tips: in each pallet is 6 instructions leaflet with makeup to make your eyes took on a noble word.  Price around 65$

You can give someone this present:  Great Skin Great Deal 3 Steps care system by Clinique

Three simple steps from Clinique.
Use morning and evening.
Purify. Exfoliating. Moisturize.

The kit includes:
- 30 ml Liquid Face Wash
- Clarifying Lotion 30ml
- 125 ml Lotion Dramatically Different Moisturizing + (skin type 1 and 2) / 125 ml Gel Dramatically Different Moisturizing (skin type 3 and 4)  
Price around 65$

Another great gift can be: It Palette Eye Shadow Palette by Sephora

For the first time, Sephora introduces "It bag" eyeshadow palette: Beautiful inside and out, It Palette contains 12 essential Sephora eyeshadow, pencil and brush; all the super trendy packaging with snake skin motif.

The pallet has two variants giving infinitely many possibilities: Smoky or natural.

- Smoky: 12 eyeshadows, including 1 brightening, eyeliner, 3 glitter shadows, brush and black pencil. This palette includes shades of gray and black, to get a smoky look consistent with relish - a very discreet to very sophisticated.

- Natural: 12 eyeshadows, including 1 base, 2 shadows illuminating, 2 eyeliners, brush and brown pencil. This palette includes shades in seductive shades of warm brown, from gold to chocolate, greyish tones of pink to deep iced coffee to get a discreet and sophisticated makeup for the day.
Price around 35$

      Another option is Daily Defenders Set by Clinique

Set of products to combat the first signs of aging.
Complete protection for your skin, so moisturizing day cream that protects the skin and prevents future signs of aging skin damage caused by environmental factors.

The kit includes:
- Derma Daily Defense SPF 20 50ml
- Derma Defense SPF 20 Daily Eye Cream 5ml
- 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off 30 ml.
price around 75$

Another set that can be great gift for someone is The Best of Sephora

For the first time combines its 9 Sephora flagship products in a unique offer. Makeup, skincare and accessories for personalized custom.

Why do we love it?
Exclusive set of 9 Sephora cosmetics packaging normal size, for yourself or as a gift.

The kit includes:
- Outrageous Dramatic Volume Mascara Volume 01 Black
- Detachable Colorful eyeshadow pearl No. 49 Be on the A-list
- Lipstick R04 Sephora Rouge - The Red - cream
- Waterproof liner to mouth
- Color Nail Lacquer L42 Hit Pole dance
- Waterproof, matte eye pencil 12H * 01. Black lace - Matt. Moisturizing blush - lit romantic roses No. 10
- Face mask with fabric, ultra moisturizing and restoring radiance
- Precision loose shadow brush # 61

Plus: included tutorial hints on 9 products.
Price near 55$

Color palette Festival- by Sephora- I ordered it but still wait on percel to arrive.

With a unique design palette contains 130 colors to make the eyes, lips and cheeks:
- 72 Eyeshadow
- 18 eyelinerów cream
- Glosses to paragraph 28
- 8 pinks for cheeks
- 4 finishes to his lips and cheeks (the first time in a palette of makeup Sephora)
- 2 mirrors
- 6 tutorials to learn the techniques of make-up and become a professional

The palette is clearly and logically organized according to the intensity of the colors.

Why we love it?
Because you get 130 colors to endlessly change their look and tips to learn how to make-up.

72 Eyeshadow: 72 x 0.39 g Net
28 lip gloss to lips: 28 x 0.41 g
8 pinks for cheeks: 8 x 2.18 g
18 eyelinerów cream: 18 x 0.40 g
4 creams for lips, cheeks 2 1 4 x 0.51 g
Price near 55$

Another option is this:
Naked palette
Urban Decay- I want to buy it but still don't know which set to buy.

Essential palette eye makeup in the style of "nude".
Urban Decay even to the question of "nude" comes up in a big way!

Naked rich palette offers a wide range of shades, from the champagne, the most "nude" in a deep metallic gray. The kit is enclosed in a box on the surface of a smooth chocolate-colored velvet, garnished details in the copper-gold color and equipped with a long mirror.
Subtle colors for both daily and evening eye makeup.
The palette contains:
- 12 eyeshadows, including essential: Gunmetal, Half Baked, Naked, Sidecar, Sin, Smog and Toasted and 5 new seductive shades: Buck, Creep, Darkhorse, Hustle and Virgin,
- Brush-applicator.

 Great product palette Naked3 by Urban Decay is another gift idea.

Version 3 Naked palette of natural shades that lead to more roses that bring out the beauty of every type of skin.
By creating this palette pink and golden hues, Wende Zormir - co-founder and creative director of Urban Decay - inspired by waves caressed the view of the setting sun, at the time when the light makes all women look beautiful.

New Naked palette 3 consists of 12 unique oscillating around shades of pink: pastel, powdery, satin, peach plum very intensely about textures matte, iridescent, shimmering.
The palette contains:
- 12 unique shades: strange, dust, burnout, limit, buzz, trick, nooner, liar, factory, mugshot, dark side, Blackheart,
- Double-ended brush for application and grading of eye shadow.
Price near 65$

And here is my little party with gifts that I purchased lol, Christams lights on make so nice atmosphere don't you think?

 And another nice thing is that after you are buying something in Sephora they give you free samples and here is what I got:

That is all what I have to say today about Sephora and will soon do more pictures and reviews of product I have bought from them.


  1. What a great gift guide! Cosmetics always make a useful present!

  2. Dear Meg, first I thought really you bought some books! Love the colours and the idea :) Hope you had a good week and you are looking forward to the 4th Advent!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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  3. Such a great and inspiring blog post! I love those little palettes from Sephora :)
    Love Life Every Day
    everydaybeauty instagram

  4. Lovely colors. Happy Holidays.

    Eye See Euphoria :


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