Today was nice day so I couldn't stay at home and had  decided to go out for a stroll on this warm spring day.

  Firstly was not so sunny and clouds where on the sky. I went to park to sit a little and breath in some fresh air and listen to singing birds, really like it. ITs so nice outside and plants are so freshly green, and flowers are so nice!!!

 Esculus hippocastanus- has so big leaves already. Then I went to some garden near park.

Then I headed out to the mall to see if any spring clothes will catch my eye. It is located not far away just 3 bus stops. And I go throgh the  Old Town.

Many kids were in black and white outfits as today they had exams and graduation of high school.

On Market squere is many ppl sitting in beer gardens- nice atmosphere.

Suddenly It went so windy and I thought that it gonna rain- and I didn't take an umbrella.

From market squere I headed to Galeria Krakowska Mall that is near railway station as you can see in background it says Krakow Główny- Main station of Krakow, this mall is very popular and many tourist has easy acsess to it, the only cons is that there is no cinema in it or nearby. That would be nice to see a movie after shopping or before. Today was also nice day to go on a bike, but my bike is not yet ready. Many ppl already do biking. I miss it.

 Ach that taxi disturb me in my posing...and some loundry service in the backround lol

Och my camera not focusing now, what the hell...

 Ach that wind, totally messed up my hairdo...but now finnaly the sun is out- all looks better in the sun don't you think? And mood is better too!

 And nice blue sky - that what I like....

 I am wearing :
T-shirt / Reserved
Shirt / H&M
Jeans / Topshop - Jamie jeans
Sneakers / Adidas

I like that sneakers they are very comfortable and good for spring/summer as they got holes in material. I like also that pink color. Jamie Jeasns are great too, streachy material is great.

Then I went to the mall, and what you did lately? How you like spend your free time?


  1. Great photos,
    I love your shoes btw

    Check my new post.
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  2. bardzo fajnie wyglądasz :)

    1. dzieki, fajny blog, zaczynam sledzic na bloglovin :)


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