Here are another sneakers from my collection which are this nike free run pink boties.
I have them in size 9 us and purchesed them on sale in local store. 
They are great for running errands as they are not so stiff like other running shoes.


Nike Free shoes are specifically designed to let your feet move more naturally
and freely than traditional athletic shoes. Because you’ll be using some muscles
in your feet more than you might be used to, it may take some time for them to get
used to all that freedom. To give your feet time to adapt, we recommend you transition
into using your Nike Free footwear gradually.
As you increase the use of your Nike Frees, you may experience some muscle soreness,
just like when you exercise other muscles in your body. This shows that your
Nike Frees are working. Keep in mind that everyone responds differently, so your
progress may be different than others wearing Nike Free.
And of course, running and training in any footwear is never without some risk
of injury. So listen to your body, your trainer and your physician—and don’t feel
bad if you need to stop or rest if necessary. After all, we want you to
run Free and train Free— but we also want you to run and train smart.

And here is the view from my window on the nice sky.


  1. Like the yellow to sunshine when you run, and love the pink ones to feel like a little girl running ;)

    Bisous from France,


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