To find a perfect fitting bra it is not so easy nowadays, especially with bigger size of breast. When I had smaller size it was not a problem. 

Cute bra from Cubus

Cute bra with laces from Cubus

And in almoust every shop I have step in I have found some perfect fitting bra for me. I loved shopping at H&M store where they have nice variety of styles, quality is good, they are afordable too. Another shop I was going into was NewYorker. 
The problem begun when I gained weight and got bigger size. I found out that bras from  H&M and NewYorker store not fit me anymore as the highest size they produce is 85D and I got now 90 so they are narrow in circumference. 

Very bulky looking bra from H&M, and those wide straps-hate them.
The bigest size in H&M is screaming to curvy women- don't eat?

Had to go to another shops where bras  sometimes were overpriced and their styles didn't satisfied me. 
 Another problem with bras in bigger size is that there is not such variety in styles anymore, and that cute nice laces bras are only in small sizes. Bras in bigger sizes however, have wide straps which I hate, and they seems to be bulky.
Another problem is that in most shops now they sell much push up bras and not much normal ones, or they sell in summer time bras that are made of not light - but from thicker material. Which is in hot, summer days not practical to wear under flowy tank tops bulky bras.

Bra need to be perfect fitted, as then are some problems accuring and you'll know you're in the right band size when you can slip two fingers underneath the back of the band.
 Another common problems are: straps that dig, rising back-bands, chafing, and back bulge are all, on the whole, rising back band, spillage over your cups, breasts that swim in your cups, straps that slip or dig, nipples feel overexposed, center gore isn’t flat against your chest.

How to resolve those problems is showed on the picture below:

Another problem when chafing is irritating your skin then choosing light, breathable fabrics, like cotton and lace, is also important to keep chafing at bay — harsh materials can irritate sensitive skin.

So when I was approached by the company called Freshpair and visited this website:

I was amazed by variety of styles and sizes. 
The sizes goes up beyond my expectations. Everything is nice categoriesed by brand, by solution, by figure and much more.
 Now I will not have problem to choose a perfect fitting bra for me anymore. There are sales going on now too. If you have problems like me, I recommend to check that site out. 
Maybe you will find someting nice for you and you will not have problems to find perfect fitting bra anymore.

Whats is your bigges issue with the bra? Are there any more issues that I didn't mentioned here and you would like to share ? What is your favourite bras brand ?
Comment down below and let me know.


  1. Dear Meg, thank you for this very helpful post as I also have sometimes problems with finding the perfect bra ... Like the green one a lot!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from. I had same problem for years... I was depressed every time I had to go to buy bras or bikinis. There was nothing I hated as much as that. But than I had a breast reduction, and I feel so much better now. If you need good online shops for bras in bigger sizes or bikinis, than feel free to contact me whenever you want.

    Lots of love,

    Natasha -GLITTER C R I M E


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