Kendall Jenner's drug abuse to stay Skinny-my respond

I know this post is little out of the blue but want to give some warning.

Wanted to share this video that I just crossed apon in my youtube subscribtion and wanted to give my respond here and to all girls who want to be skinny and loose weight by laxatives or some bad diet, better stop it as it is dangerous and can lead to serious issues with organs. I alone got ill but not by any diet but by no reason, maybe stress.
 From one day to another I got stomach illness and duodenum inflammation. Main symptom burping mainly when laying down and not able to sleep at all. It started in april 2010 and then in february 2013 i got worse by tring herbs that have laxative ingridient and it only made my stomach, reflux and all worse. Then few months later started praying and also eating all cooked and probiotics and then got healed I think.

So here is my comment that I paste here:

+Freelee the Banana Girl she funds herself big illness, serious illness, she not take vitamins and it is so easy to get stomach or duodenum inflammation or intestins inflammation by such lifestyle that then she will not able to be model anymore,if she keeps on drinking 12 laxative caps of tee a day. I got illness of stomach and duodenum without any diet, I was eating everything and then sudennly got ill from one day to another, more like from stress it was, symptoms- all time burping, not digesting food, vomiting after full meal with salads, dinner-with undigested food. Then took me 5 years to cure stomach and intestines and it is not fully cured yet, and I cured mostly by prayer not by any pills, diet helped little too but not most, my digestion was stopped, was burping all time, food was not digested at all and was vomiting because food couldnt get thru intestintes- no enzymes produced, it would lead me to have some pipe in stomach but thankfully I prayed and after some time was healed. 
Before I was healed from that bad digestion I started loosing vitamns and magnesium, potasium that then my heart started beating irregular and fast, and I still have higher pulse then in past near 90 bpm, so doing such diet is dangerous, as I without diet got so ill, so imagine with such diet as she has, yes I disturbed that electrolyte and mineral balance 'cause that reflux I got and indigestion i then tried to cure with some herbs that suppose to do cleansing - herbs contained frangula alnus, and propolis and others, and after just 5 days of one tb spoon of herbs (Balsam Kapucynski) my balance was not anymore balanced and I started feel the beat of my heart, heart was trembling and I was weak then at night heart started beat first strong and then I not felt anything and then again strong and then I not feel it, and I started panicking that my heart is stopping and then I started breathing fast and then I starting getting hiperventilation, and feeling trembling of veins in hands and brain litterally, that hiperventilation can be dangerous but I tried to slown down breathing and then it slowly stopped but heart was still beating weird so I took magnesium and potasium, called 911 in my coutnry but they didn't wanted to come 'cause said that it's just such diet is dangerous 'cause she might after some time have heart problem as me and stomach inflammation and duodenum. I had gastroscopy and it's said I have duodenum inflammed. It's all true what you say in that article 5:11, I was feeling irregular heart beat and also all time felt like my left leg and hand was going numb, and felt nerves trumbling, nerves were tingling in legs arms, I also had pulsating vein in stomach and also troubles with taking deep breth, and stomach was all time going full of air=terrible experiance, thought I will die, and it not happend to me from dieting but from stress maybe and i don't know from what in 2010 and then in 2013 herbs just made all worse. The worst part is with heart as if heart go irregular very irregular then breathing goes irregular and you starting to have strong issues that can lead to pass out, - doctors would say ow she has some nervosis, truth is that it is some disbalance of minerals in my case caused by stomach and duodenum inflammation caused by hmmm - not sure what.