I love summer, when is sunny day like today, and is so easy to just pick up some shirt and skirt and sandals and it is ready to go. So this shirt was on sale last year, the same as those sandals. I found them on sale on tophop site.
 Love sales, but not all sales as some items are not worh or not in my style or not my size that why not all items for me, but when I find some nice items for good price I am excited. 
This year sales still going on and hope will find some nice pieces that will wear rather next year if will find some in september. So far I not found yet any nice clothes in this sale season, only some make up items and some sandals that were in regular price. 
Do you like sales? Where do you like buying on sales in regular shop or online?

I am wearing:

T-shirt /Terranova
Skirt/ Terranova
Sandals/ Topshop