Hello, today I present this outfit of the day for hot day like today where temperatures reach above 30C degrees(90F). At begining it was really hard to be able to work and function in such hot and humid day. The best way to spend such day would be in the pool or some lake/sea, but for those who stay in the city it is more difficult. 
The flowy clothes made from natural materials are now must have's. Great to have some tank top even with some holes in it like this one on picture, and great option is this cirle - shaped skirt. It is really flowy and I not feel hot in it. 
We have now Florida weather here in Europe and it is not just few days but 2 weeks in row. People here are not used to such weather and complain a lot. At shops on mine streets people feel so bad and uncomfortable, when they not have air condition. Streets are empty in the middle of the day and I feel like it is sunday beacause it is so calm outside. But at least we have nice sunny weather and can enjoy summer fully.

I am wearing:

Tank top/ Terranova
Skirt / Terranova
Sandals / Lasocki
Beach Bag / Clinique


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