This is my simple outfit of the day for the hot day like today, and lake advantures times, when in day is hot and in night getting little bit colder. Day is one hour shorter and it is getting dark at 8:30 pm,
So I hope weather still gonna be nice in the next few days, weeks, as I want to go swimming in this beautiful lake. When it's getting dark the ducks are so loud and they rules the entire lake. 
What do you like doing in the summer time? What is your number one summer essential that you can't live without?

I am wearing:

Tank top/ Terranova
Shirt / H&M
Skirt / H&M
Sandals / Lasocki


  1. Dear Meg, here in Bavaria it also gets dark earlier ... and I smelled already a bit fall in the air :) This lake is such a wonderful place and your outfit simply perfect for a hot day! Have a happy week :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. yes here too smell of fall but still hot now, but that smell of fall in air always brings me in bad mood, and in past was corelated with a going to the school obligatory

  2. How tranquil! I love it!


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