Today I present casual but more sporty outfit, with this sneakers Reebok Easytones that had been invented to tone legs. Still have them although they said that they suppose not work so much as were suppose to. I also not sure if they do any job, but in them is little harder to walk so maybe they tone legs little bit. 
Did  you  ever try such shoes that have some toning properties? Or did you tried some clothes that have some shape up effect? Do they really work?

I am wearing: 

Hoodie/ NewYorker
Shirt / C&A
Pants / Nike dryfit
Sneakers /Reebok Easytones


  1. Dear Meg, this is interesting what you write about these shoes. As far as I know I never wore such shoes and I have therefore no experience. But I like the design and the colours of your shoes and the outfit you have chosen.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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    2. they were popular more like 2 years ago, but in usa they then said and accused reebok brand that they made some fake tests and studies that they are working or they were not enough long - and then reebok gave back money to every client that purchased those reeboks in us, who had a receipt

  2. great post Meg ;)


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