Winter is already here, at least winter temperature as when I was doing that photos it was freezing outside. Days getting shorter and shorter...Sun is setting so early now. All leaves had fallen down.

It is harder to wake up from warm bed. 'Cold' outside is not so much inviting to go out anymore but if we chose warm outfit then it is much easier to do.
That weather made me put on this warm down jacket with the hood. That jacket was keeping me warm so good, that I was not feeling cold in it at all! 

This weather made me put on the sweater and this weather made me put on these ugg boots that were chilling in the box all year waiting for better days. I not forgot about you ugg boots. You are still my go to winter boots must haves. And the beanie, hmmm I not like wearing them but hmmm it's cold.

I am wearing:

Down jacket / H&M
Sweater / Terranova
Scarf / Terranova
Beanie / Terranova
Jeans / Moto Jamie jeans- Topshop
Boots / Ugg Australia
Backpack / Hama