I got lately this palette from Too Faced Semi sweet Chocolate bar Palette and I tried it out the first time few days ago and made swatches and I can say that I really like it. This palettte is the secondThe packaging is really cute in shape of real chocolate and also when we open it we will right away feel the scent of chocholate aroma.
Those eyshadows are different from others as they have hydratings benefits of antioxidant-rich cocoa powder that they are made from. 
And when we touch them and swatch they have nice velvet  or satin kinda feel to them, very soft and delicate. In thise pallete you will find matte and shimery eyeshadows perfect for holiday season.
 I really like the pink suger shade which has some glitter in it and gives beautiful look to my eyes. Another shade that I wanted to have is the butter pecan that is beautiful shampaine shimmery colour and can be used not only as eyeshadow but more like highlighter.
When I compared this pallete to Naked one from Urban Decay I find that this eyeshadows are more delicate and less pigmented more delicate maybe for more sofisticated look? 
This palette can also be a nice gift for someone who likes eyeshadows palettes.
This palette I got at sephora online store:

And here is youtube video with first impression of that palette.


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    1. Thank you, yes I did and really like it too and following you on bloglovin


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