NEW IN- GYM BAG -Technical Studio Gym Bag from OYSHO

Lately I am drawn towards gym and sport clothing and accesories. I think that they are very practical and great not only for working out but also for some casual days when we have some errands to do. 
I love sales season that is going on right now and I got some stuff that will soon haul. I just also got this gym bag that yet not arrived to me but can't wait to have it. 
The name is 

    Technical Studio Gym Bag

It is from oysho online store:
where right now is also sale section and I love many stuff from there.
That gym bag was not on sale, as it is new collection. It is in 2 colors black and grey so I picked out grey one. I love that it has many compartments and have also mesh zippered pockets outside and inside. It is big and can also be great for travel as a carry on baggage maybe. I considering it to use it that way. I also like that bag beacasue it is not expensive and remind me of those more expensive ones from lulu lemon.
It comes also with the aditional bag for shoes. 
What brand is your favourite when it comes to gym stuff?  Do you like shopping at sales or new collection?