Hi friends. 
Today I present my outfit for a running activities in the hot day. 
I started running lately a little bit again. And I happy that I again can run as in few past year I couldnt run because I had issues with heart and tachycardia and heart was starting to beat really fast maybe not super fast but stronger and i was feeling puls in head and it was very bad feeling that it was stopping me from any activities like running. 
This time I tried if I can run few minutes, and I did with empty stomach and to my surprise I was feeling ok, and not felt that pulse in head and I mesured my pulse on iphone and it was only 120 bps after 5 minutes run so I was happy.
 I thought I will always have that tachycardia and that will never run again and that will have to take some beta blockers when doctor perscribe them but I then (2013) deceided that I will not take them as my faster pulse was not going to higher leverls and I not want to be all time on some meds that have side effects and decided that will try to just take iron and magnesium pils and just good diet that is perfect for heart. And time go by and heart is way better now and I can run too. So that made me happy and today is that outfit of the day from my running at house.

These knockout by Victorias Secret bra is really cool as it has built in bra inside and outside is layer that you zip which is very great way to support this part of the body during running.
I like also nike pro leggins as they are comfy and great to do running in them. 
What do you wear to run in the summer?

I am wearing:

Shorts / Nike pro
Sneakers / Nike lunarswift


  1. Wow, dear Meg, this is a cool runners look you wore! How good every went well for your this running times. As I don't run but only doing speed walking I wear normally only denims shorts and a top in summer for this activity :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Oh speed walking is good too, have to try it :)

  2. Wow, Megan, way to go with running again! I love your colorful attire!

    - Seyra x


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