Travel day from Cracow thrugh Oslo to Boston by Norwegian -My first time flying by plane

Few days ago was my first time of flying by plane in my life.
 So I did a travel vlog video on youtube- I travel from Cracow thru Oslo to Boston with Norwegian airline.
I thought that I will be afraid inside and that maybe I will have some panick attack as many people feel uncomfortable in planes but to my surprise traveling isnt so bad.
Just first few minutes of taking off are little bit annoying when ears popped and plane is not on even level but more like swinging. Landing wasn't so bad at all to me in both planes.

 First plane Krk-Oslo was not too big and during the take off I was feeling weird, and felt more swinging from one side to another then in the bigger plane -Boeing 747 Oslo-Boston.
First plane ride was around 2 hours and in the second one it took about 7 hours and 20 minutes to get there.

It was very nice and relaxing to sit in the plane's chair and observe all those beautiful views from the window. 
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At Balice Airport in Cracow.

Entering first plane that will fly to Oslo.

Up in the sky.

That is inside second plane- Boeing 747 heading to Boston.

That is above Norway - nice landscapes of woods, lakes and fiords.

This picture and another one is made from waiting room at Oslo airport.

And that picture above and rest down below are made just few minutes before landing in Boston.

XoXo Megan.