So lately was exploirng city of Boston just in the city center and learning how to communte using buses and T-system subway. You can buy for example 7 day link pass and use subway and local busses all the time.
That pass costs 21.25 dollars. Tickets are avaiable in vending maschines that are at all subway stations. One ride cost 2.75 and is valid 2 hours. Bus ride is 2 dollars and to enter the bus you have to have one dollar bills (or quarters) if you not have ticket purchased before.
Subway is the great way to commute in that city- trains goes often and many people use it to go to school or job. In winter at morining hours city still seems to be alsleep but it start to be crowded near 12 pm. Many shops are in the center but not many groceries stores.
Lately it was big snow attack here in Boston and it is then important to have good shoes that are waterproof. Many ppl from here wearing ducks boots, I bought some from crocs that where suppose to be able to be good for big snow but they soak after 3 days. Then snow melted so didn't have to worry for some time but if it come back again maybe I will have to wear rainboots now.

I am wearing:

Down Coat/Gap
Boots/ Crocs
Purse/Michael Kors Julia
Beanie & Scarf/Terranova

Downtown crossing