Thank you Dear Mary Mother of God from Pompeii-Queen of Holy Rosary of Pompeii- that you have healed me from my stomach problems that were since 2010 to 2014 and that you allow us people on earth to pray to You with this prayer:
Now I can enjoy beautiful days outside, and not have to be ill all day. That's all thanks to you!
Thank You that you are healing my boyfriend too and that he have strength and got back to health after his struggles with health.
We could enjoy that day together outside in the sunny day. But he not here on pictures, as he not like to have pictures taken. 
Thank you Mary from Pompeii that you allow us to be together, as we were online only, and now we are together. Thanks to You.
So if you Dear reader have some problem in life, and need help then I recommend that prayer to Mary from Pompeii.
 It is 54 days novenna. In english you can find how to pray it here:
in polish here:
And where we went that day, sunny day in New England?
We made a ride to Plymoth Rock, it's a pilgrims place- the rock where first landed ship with Christopher Colombus in 1620 when he discovered America Continent.
It is nice place. Some molos, some small beach too, but it is very windy there. At least it was that day.
Some peaople on bikes come there to rest too.

So I am wearing:

Purse/ Michael Kors Julia
Sneakers/Nike Roshe