Hello friends.
So today is first day of autumn and weather starting to be colder, rain is raining and not allowing to do so many blog pictures as before. Flowers start to flowing. Allergens starts to be less active...
Yesterday was still nice out when I did those pictures in the park, where I was walking.
It's getting dark faster. It is time to prepare for colder season. And make some preperations to the upcoming cold days.
I lately was searching for hoodies as I not have much of them in my closets. I like them warm and brushed inside. 
And also had to buy some t-shirts.
So I went to the mall today to see if they have any nice that I will like. Yesterday I found hoodie online in H&M that I decided to buy.
I was also thinking to make some purchase to my ebates account. H&M unfortunately not take part in ebates but many other stores do.
Because they have now promotion that if you invite 2 friends to it you get 10 bucks and also if those friends make purchase of 25 $ or more until 30th of september you get aditional 40 $.
And there is also big trip to win!!!
IF you want to try it I share my link here:
I still thinking what to buy thrugh ebates.
But today went to mall and bought hoodie and t-shirts as I needed.
What do you plan to buy soon?
Are you preparing already for authum/winter?

I am wearing:

Purse/Michael Kors
Sneakers/ NIKE

 In the middle of nowhere is a path that I will lead you thrugh don't fear!!! 
-Said gardient angel to me in the dream.
How it actually was will tell you in the next blog posts.


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