DIY DESTROYING OLD UGG AUSTRALIA CUFF and making them into Classics

Today I showing Video how I destroying my Ugg Australia Cuff boots as they were not practical for me, that fur was shedding and also I was allergic to it, so decided to change my uggs into different model.
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So I had that old but new ugg australia cuff from allegro and wanted to wear it but that fluffy fur was not practical at all as I was afraid that I will make it dirty first time I wear it.
Another problem was that that fur was shedding a lot, and then I even discovered that I am allergic to it.
Didnt wanted to sell that pair of uggs as they not make such ugg anymore.
That one was really nice inside with real sheepskin fur inside not ugg pure- ugg pure is just wool stiched to polyester, its less warm and sheeds and is more matt.
So I first wanted to just trim that fur but then it was looking tucky so I cut off all fur part and now I have ugg classic style boots but 2 colors as that skin in the top part is more light.


here is the video:


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