Today I am unboxing of UGG AUSTRALIA ADIRONDACK II SAND from

They are nice, warm and waterproof winter boots. Just what I was looking for. My old ugg australia boots were too fregalie- not waterproof at all so I had to buy some warm waterproof boots. 
When I moved to Boston area in 2016 I took with me some boots like one no name boots - and tested them in snow but they failed. Another one I bought last year on amazon Crocs waterproof duck boots but they were not comfortable and also soak in snow even not deep one.
The only one boots that were good and not leak was my ecco boots that I still have and will wear but they not have much lining inside and when its more cold outside they might be not warm.
I also have hunter wellis and some polar-socks to put inside but they are too cold to wear longer then 1 hour outside when is below 34F/0C.
So I searched and was thinking to buy Sorell but I read that they are clunky and heavy and not practical.
So I decided to go for those ugg australia adirondack boots. They were on saleI
 Inside they have ugg pure lining which is wool from sheepskin. So they are warm even in temps lover then 34F. 
They are warm and cozy perfect for New England winter with snow. 
So here are the pictures and unboxing in the youtube vid.
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