Hello friends. How are you doing?
Today I present pictures from beach day at Nantasket beach near Boston. 
This beach is really nice. Waves are big and beach is rather sandy. The biggest downside is that water is quiete cold always when I go there, unless it will be some luck and maybe in late august water will finnaly warm up. So water temperature not allowed me to stay long in the water or even swim. 
For enojoying rest of pleaseres on this beach that place is great. In humid day you will not feel here humid but nice ocean breeze.
So I like going here but if it is not too hot as then if I am super hot and want to cool of then I have to experience freezing water.
And what beaches near Boston you can recomend?

 I am wearing:

Hat/ 5andbelow
Bikini/ Reserved
Flip flops/ Havainas
Beach bag/ Victoria's Secret
Glasses/ DollarStore