Hello friends. How are you doing?
Today I want to inspire you guys for winter shopping when it comes to winter boots.
As we all know, winter coming pretty soon as here in few days suppose to even snow!
So it is about time to prepere for winter and either take out boots from previous seasons or buy new ones. 

So I preparing myself too- these boots are my old shoes but I never worn them yet, they were lying in my closet. 
I bought them few years ago on some sale. Then I was wearing other boots and these ones were waiting for their time. Hopefully will wear them this winter.
These are Emu Australia Angels Lo with strap/buckle.
They are made from sheepsking and are super warm. Even that fur inside is from sheepskin. Which in ugg australia is not natural anymore but its artificial ugg pure.
I miss old time boots that were made from real sheepsking inside and out.
So this model is.
Thats why will wear them and be happy I kept them all these years. 
I soon gonna get also ugg australia classic II and will check out if they are warm too. So stay tune.
And here are pictures me modeling these Emu australia boots.
I saw they selling them here:
but now they are sold out.