Hello friends. 
Today just fall first snow, and its getting cold outside. So I thinking about warm boots and can't stop thinking about sheepsking boots namely ugg australia.
They are so comfy, cozy, warm, stylish and cute.
They are super fluffy inside and nice soft leather outside.
I have few pairs of them, but one are too small, other are too big and I wear them only at house, and have also ugg adirondacks that are more for snow.
So I consider to buy new pair again. 
I think I will go with Ugg Australia Classic II style but consider also another styles with bows.
I am just not sure if they as comfortable as classics.
Ugg brand come lately with more colors.
Here you can buy them:
and here are the colors:

Another model I like is ugg australia bailey bow II
Here are the colors:

Which model and color would you choose? Let me know in comments!!