Hello firends. How are you doing?
Today I present ugg boots that are made well and can be considered Ugg Australia dupes. Sometimes they are even better made then real Ugg Australia boots.
As of lately, I bought boots from Ugg Australia and the quality is not so good. They are expensive, so I thought when I pay some higher price, the sheepsking will be nice and thick, but it was not the case.
In one model that I had purchased lately on black friday sale(Ugg Australia Bailey Bow Metallic), sheepskin is thin and there are patches of very thin wool layer.
Here are the pictures of it:

Where these Kirkland boots are for 20-30 $ and have thick layer of sheepskin with wool thick,fluffy and even.
Also wool on the insole in Kirkland boots was much thicker then in Ugg Australia boots.
So I am not sure if Ugg Australia made good quality boots anymore.
I'm sure I like some models and I have got some good pairs, but with that particular pair I am not sutisfied. 
Another bad thing what had happend is, that the package arrived whithout any receipt, and no return label. I wrote to customer service and I am still waiting few days on response- I hope they will respond to me soon.
I like Kirkland boots, as they are not expensive and good quality.
They are really warm, as wool lining is thick and even.
 The outsole is good quality, thick and flexible.
Ugg boots from Ugg Australia have prones too: that they have warranty, comes in many colors and styles unlike these ones - comes in chestnut, black and grey. In this season they are in few models: with zipper, buckle, or one that are on small wedge.
This kirkland boots you can find in costco or on ebay.
So here are pictures and video of me unboxing Kirkland ugg boots.
In next posts and videos I will also unbox Ugg Australia boots
So stay tune.