Hello friends. How are you doing?

Today I am unboxing new adidas dad sneakers that I lately got- namely Adidas Falcon- popular adidas model advertised by celebrity Kylie Jenner.
I didnt come up on them from her advertisment but by scrolling adidas site and saw this model and found it interesting. I also remember when I was in my local mall and saw one model of those but in different color and it was on sale.
I regret I didnt buy them then as they were for 50$ and online they are little more expensive- or even twice.

But today I got them and I am unboxing on my youtube channel - video below and trying them on.
When it comes to sizing I have 9-9,5 in Us size and this I got in 8,5 and they would fit me but one was little tight so I exchange them for Us 9 size and they are little loose- but I prefer loose shoes then tight.
I really like them- they are comfy and in style- comes in many colors. This I got in all leather crystal white and off white color. I really like also other colors too and considering buying more in future.
So here are some pictures and video.