Hello friends!
I wonder if many of you play in lottery games or casino? I play from time to time in some lotteries, games where it is a prize to win or even in the casino.
Actually lately it was my first time playing in casino and I only played with 2 dollars as I rather not believe I would win in casino. I rather prefer playing in lotteries where is a drawing. I also think that the smaller expectaions we have, the bigger change to win. 
I won in some lotteries in past like mp3 player in radio station, cd player , gym membership. I also won one time drawing coupons to some store like best buy and I bought tv for it- but i wanted to win a flat then as it was the main prize and I didnt. I was dissapointed I remember.
But they say - everything happen for a reason and maybe it was not my desteny. 
As time went by I won something bigger, something that I was not even dreaming I will win, as I was not beliving I will. 
But I was praying with my prayer beads for something - to be with my bf. 
We were saperated by ocean at a time. As we met online but wasn't together.
 Then I prayed that in future we are together.
And God realised it- my prayer had come true and the won in lottery was a way it to come true.
So God has his ways - even thru lottery I guess - if it suppose to be and its in accordence to God's will then it will happen.
So sometimes its good to play in games, casino or lottery. I sometimes play in power balls too but never yet won and only played few times.
And what prayer I prayed? I prayed on beads Novenna to Queen Holy Rosary of Pompeii for 54 days.
And I still pray it as I have some other intensions.
Btw it was I guess my desteny to be with my current bf, as few months before I met him I had a dream that I go somewhere abread and near me is someone invisible that directs me and I not feel alone but I am in some other country also that voice told me this:
"You will live in Barcelona". But the views were looking not like Barcelona, more like some highways of usa and then I took off the bus near some foresty area and I meet someone who waits on me there, hug me and I feel love. In hand I had a map and a key. When I woke up I felt this dream is something. I was wondering if it will come true, If I will live in Barcelona and if someone is already waiting for me there, somewhere.
Few months from that dream passed by and I met someone online and felt he was special, but we were online few years. It wasn't easy to meet. I was thinking maybe he not the one from the dream.
 Then I pray about that- that we together, and after some time It happend and then looking from the perspective I can say that my dream partally - but mostly had come true and only one part that didn't is that I not live in Barcelona but in Boston area- but both citys are on letter B.
And as in dream I was going by bus thru some highways and was alone in bus - without any friends, just strangers, and then I got out of bus and is forests on the side of the road. 
And when we first met we acctually met on airport not by road as he picked me up on airport.
So that's is a little story about dreams- desteny that can reveal in dreams, power of prayer that helps desteny and lottery games that might be helpful.
So pay attention to your dreams guys, and pray for things you want in your life, and play in lotteries too.
Never give up!!!
And here are pictures from our lately outing to the Playridge Park Casino in Playville MA.

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