Hello friends. How are you doing?
I present today casual ootd from the spirng day here in my yard. And it is also rainy. As spring is like that this year.
I hope its great weather in summer- more sunny and more predictable then in spring.
I wearing first time Michael Kors Travel Jet Set bag. Its nice bag for going out to school, office work, some errands or even travel. I like that it has many compartments and laptop sleeve in the middle that its paddded.
In general I like Michael Kors bags over other designers becasue of the inside lining and compartmets. It also have a key fob.
I also like the material that is made-saffiano leather of as it is sturdy, can be clean easily. Its kind of water resistant as when it rains then that water doesn't  soak in but you can easily wipe it off with cloth.And its also hard to see scratches on the leather as it already has small indentations.

And what designer bag or non designer bag brands do you like and what material do you prefer leather that is pebbled, safiano or other material like canvas?

I am wearing:

Sneakers/Nike Cortez


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