Hello friends. How are you doing?
I am presenting today another spring outfit that is made out of casual and sporty items as it is such style here in suburbs of Boston.
I not see anyone dressed up often, ofcourse there are some ppl that dressing up for occasion but because most of the time I not have any ocassion to dress up then I end up in sporty clothes that are comfy.
I sometimes miss living in city though where people dress up more and their style is more elegant. 
So in city where I was living which is Krakow it was little scary to go out in baggy sweatpants or even light leggins. One time I was wearing shorts and some old lady remerked me for wearing short jeans hehehhe.That was funny little bit. Other time when I was wearing orange sneakers I was getting werid stares from girls. I then was little scared to stand out from the crowd and was trying to wear what other ppl wear in my city.
But now I live in suburs of Boston and in USA is rather common casual and sporty style, where most women wear leggins and sneakers or sweatpants, or  pijama.
And I think times changed too. Now baggy sweatpants are even common in woman outfits.

I am wearing:

Sneakers/Nike Cortez


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