My story of weird illness -digestive issues and what helped me- God, Jesus, Mary

Today I want to share my story of the illness that I had that was really weird- was not easy to diagnose and treat and how I recovered from it and if I fully recovered.

In past I had digestion issues that first started with burping -food was stuck in stomach and didn't want to go down, had to throw it up.
And I think either it was sibo- bad imblance of bacteria in stomach and intestines- as few months before it I took suplement called colloidal silver which might of change my intestinal flora, or it was stress from the fact that my mom passed away in january 2010 suddenly after just half year of illness( she passed away on stroke)- not sure but I then burped everyday since april 2010 and couldn't sleep properly as stomach was like open- and air was getting in stomach and then I felt full from air in stomach and food too.
Then I coudn't breath properly had to burp it out- so strange illeness and it was everyday. Not any day break from burping.
 If I ate more -like normal dinner then after few hours I felt full and that food still was not going down. But just making gas in my stomach and I then felt nursea and had to throw it up. 
Then I tried to cure myself as Doctor I went to didn't wanted to help me- I lived in Poland back then and they not treat people well in Poland.
Health system is bad in my opinion.
But she gave me prescription to go the gastroscopy which showed duodenum inflammation and she perscribed on it reflux pills that are blocking acid production.
Well they not helped me at all, still was burping and food was not digested well - so I stopped taking them. 
I was reading forums and searching internet to find cure for my problem with breathing, sleeping and digestioning as when I was laying it was feeling like something going up but nothing just even with empty stomach was that burping and fullness of stomach.
Terrible. Two years and a half had passed by with me strugling.
Then in 2013 I tried some herbs in Poland that are for curing many things (Balsam Kapucynski) they have cleansing effect and 5 days after taking them -1 spoon a day-I started to be so weak, dizzy. I remember I went to store and noticed that I have trobles going straight. Felt like I am drunk. And my heart in chest was shaking. Then when the day go on I felt like lack of breath had to open window and breath in fresh air as had troubles with breathing.
Then I went to sleep and woke up in middle of night with my breath stopped and something wrong with lungs like few good seconds coudnt take normal breath in but then something unblocked and I took breath in but it scared me so much.
And I noticed this:
my heart one time was beating strong then I didn't felt it at all and every few second was change in that beats that I started panicking that my heart is stopping. Then that breathing problem continued that I had to breath -observe it and be sure I breath as if I not forse my breath it was stopping or something werid. Maybe it was not stopping but I felt like something is not working correctly in breating mecanism but I still was breathing I guess.
Then I tried to eat breakfast. I remember it was slice of bread with some white cheese and had some carrot salad from store.
When I tried to eat it, it stopped in throat somewere in between  throat and stomach and  it didn't wanted to go down. 
I got panick attack that I
will choke- 
then I called ambulance and they had come but they didn't take me to hospital. They said its just nerves. So I was left alone with illness- I will describe my panic attack now.
 I started to breath in too fast and then I felt my brain veins on back of head were trembling like vibrating, vision in eyes was like little black, and hands were pale and trembling veins and I felt like paralyse in legs little bit. Then I thought I am dying -I thought  so that how it is? 
But nothing was happening - I was not dying - didn't saw tunnel or light so I started breathing slower.
Then I slowly had calm down and it gone that trembling in veins and body had gone but it was scary. 
Then I thought that my digestive system is slowed down so not ate for 2 days almost anything just drunk things like tea some juice and observed maybe few bites of mashed patatos and that was it.
But that heart was beating faster since that attack from herbs - it was 100 bpm.
And sometimes I felt that heart is shaking few seconds. I don't know how to described it but it was like little shakes, few times and it stopped. 

I was still burping all day and night. 
I figured I had low magnesium, potasium and sodium levels and then blood test aprove it so I was taking it in pills form. And I was drinking water with salt for sodium.
I was feeling really dizzy not just few days but it was few months, dizziness that I couldnt walk long distances at all. Had to stop and sit and rest. Like old lady.
I tried to take some suplements to help my issues but some of them were not helping at all. Some thing that helped me was coconut water it gave me energy, I also tried coconut milk with that fat from coconut but then I had digestive issues.
So I had to stop. I remember I bought real coconuts and tried to consume that water from them. I think it gave me some energy. 
I also started drinking water with minerals - in Poland they sell such in stores.
I was taking magnesium and potasium. 
Then I read some forums and decided to change diet to just eating cook food.
As when few days had passed I was trying to eat more each day to had more energy and to not be sick so I tried to eat everything cooked as when I ate salads or just juices it was harder for digestive system.
Then I tried to take probiotics as I thought maybe my intestinal flora is bad in my intestines.
So I had bought some probiotics but it was not helping right away.
Then I also prayed a prayer on beads for healing: its called 54 days Novenna to Queen of Holy Rosary of Pompeii  on beads and I prayed it in may 2013 and months were passing by I was still dizzy and my heart was still beating faster and I was burping all day, but I was continuing with probiotics like natural ones too and trying to believe that prayers not work right away that it needs time.
 I dont't know exactly which day it was but I slowly was getting better.
In 2014 I remember I had still issues with burping I could not go out far away from home as I was still dizzy  but not as much as in 2013. I still had that burping but slightly less and it was going away slowly thru that year as in 2015 I was even better and then I was thinking that its much better and was almost good with digesting.

My heart even today is still fast beating like 90 bpm at calm position or even 100 bpm and I can't do fast walks on treadmill as I then feel vein in my brain beating fast and close to pass out so have to stop and same thing happening at bike when going up hill. 

But I believe that that prayer and Jesus and Mary healed my stomach and digestioning isseue. 
Also during that isseus I read that eating cooked food is easier to digest and raw ones were really bad, even raw juice was not easy to digest and food with much of fiber. 
So I was eating food that is easy to digest, I remember corn was easy although it has fiber. Patatos and rice was not bad- patatos were making more heavy on stomach but they were going down, but salads was a no- it was troubles.
So I tried to eat all cooked meals, and avaoided bread as that was hard to digest and oatmeal too. 
I avoided seeeds too, but with time food toleration got better. 
Also I remember that it must of been some vein issue in stomach as after I ate and stomach was full, my heart was beating irregular and had problems with breathing. But then with time it got better.
From that illness that was taking few years I also had problems with teeth- enamel cracked and it was going out from front teeth surface.
I have some youtube videos from past when I do hauls on my channel- margorud and you can see my teeth- enamel all cracked and like coming off.
Here is me on pictures from youtube video with smile- you can see cracked enamel.

I had to make veneers on my few front teeth. So I guess it was caused by food not being absorbed correctly - nutrients. 
I was eating food but it was not absorbed. 
As of probiotics - was chewing sour kraut to get probiotics in but not swallowing it as it was also hard to digest sour kraut in 2013 for me. Then I bought probiotics from ebay- something optima not remmeber now name.
Then also brychamoycess bulgarii sp.
All in all I think my digestive issues were caused by colloidal silver suplement that is like antibiotic- that had changed my intestinal flora and then my digestive enzymes producing system was also broken. As i think something was wrong with enzymes too. But within a year and something I got back to almoust normal digestive health and burping gone withtin 1,5 year.
Of course from 2010 thru 2013 I lost some weight too but in 2014 I started gaining it back and 2015 even more but I am proud of it and I not want to be skinny and sick. Maybe could loose few pounds but not sure if it would make me happy. All in all prayer helped me and I recommend it to others as in the hardest times nobody was near me to help from professionals, family members tried to help or friends, but in hardest days friends didn't know what happening. Family members couldn't help too. So I hoped and prayed to God that He will heal me. Thats the truth. Doctors thought its just nerves and were not caring or had no idea and health system in Poland is bad. so I lay that problems on God and hoped he thru Mary -thru Nowenna Pompejanska- will help me and He did. 
Thank you Dear God and Dear Jesus and Dear Mary Mother of God and all Saints that I said prayers to.
Also during that process of healing I realised that I didn't let go the passing away of my Mom.
Didn't fully maybe come to terms with her death. I not sure if I did.
I was like asking God why it happend, that she was still young and could live and I didn't come to terms with her death. When I realised it I started thinking that it might be also the reason why I am sick. That maybe things happen for a reason. Maybe it was how it suppose to be and it is God's will and we have to trust in it.
So I said I will let it go and please make me be healthy too in my prayers. I realised its been 3 years since that day and its maybe time to let things go. Accept it.
I know its hard topic and its hard to talk about death and people avoid it.
But me being like: God why it happend?  That she passed away will not change it, and I should let it go. Let my mom be happy where she is in heaven.