Hello friends.
Today I wanted to show you more pictures from NYC. As I was there not long ago and this time wanted to show pictures from my DSLR and the topic is the same as it is also pictures from Times Square.
So it is gloomy day but in that place you feel like its always lit as so many lights and billboards are going on.
And it is the most crowded place I was even in rain like that day I was, still many people was strolling along the streets.
So I wanted to capture more as who knows when I will be next time.
I wanted a selfie with Times Square but that lens I got was too tight so its just blurry image in background. I did picture with american flag, yellow cab, Hard Rock Cafe etc.

So I am wearing today:

Sneakers/Nike Free run
Socks/ Hanes
T-shirt /Target
Down coat/ H&M
Bag shoulders/ Melvin
Carry on and big suitcase/Puccini
Bags for some food snacks/ Victorias Secret